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I feel like this makes me more interesting.

Creativity is valued like a magical gift or talent that either you have or don’t, but I argue that everyone is creative in their own unique way. This book, in a very cheeky but fun and thought-provoking way, explores 21 reasons why creativity is like sex, and why, if you’re human, you have something interesting and special to offer people kind. 

Each reason headlines a chapter that is full of personal anecdotes, facts, insights and stuff about sex you most likely never knew. From the boardroom to the bedroom, this book is full of wisdom that is meant to inspire, make you laugh and leave you saying “that’s what she said.” 

Watch me do it for the first time.

Aside from snickering and snorting from hysterical hashtags and innuendos, I found a treasure trove of marketing and business nuggets in this book! Don't expect the ride to be all fun and games though, Courtney has a way of slipping her intelligent humor and insight into this neat little package complete with awesome graphics, scientific facts, historical research and quotes from the experts. If you think you know everything about either sex or creativity before reading this book, I promise Courtney's got your number. And it ain't 69.” 

~ Britt Michaelian, Novelist and Producer

“Courtney in this book provokes the reader to truly consider how they relate to creativity. I have often believed that a great author speaker offends the mind at times to reveal the heart or the belief systems that keep the reader from a breakthrough. 

The examples and narrative in this book generates self-awareness or self-consciousness (often both) and causes the reader to laugh at the scenario and at the same time really ask yourself some profound questions.”

~ Hendre Coetzee, Transformation Specialist

A free fu*king thing!

About the Author

Courtney Smith Kramer is the co-founder and Executive Creative Director for PureMatter, and is proud to be one of the 3% of female creative directors in the United States. An accomplished creative strategist, storyteller, writer and designer, she has earned hundreds of creative awards and jurors creative competitions across the county. 

She has a wicked dirty sense of humor and swears like a sailor but has to be serious (mostly) for her job. Her first book, “21 Reasons Creativity is Like Sex”, launched in Fall 2016 (obviously, that’s why you’re here.)

21 Reasons Creativity is Like Sex

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